Water intake not going to FitBit but food consumption is.

If I add water into FitBit, it finds its way to CronoMeter just fine. However, when I enter water into CronoMeter, it is not posting over to FitBit. Am I missing something that might be a preference or something. I have looked around the forums and settings and do not find anything seemingly related. I do not want to enter items in two systems. All food is eneteredmin Cronometer, and using Fit Bit for sleep and activity. Nancy ideas or help is greatly appreciated. 👍🤠


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    @wadegrimm we export food Calories only to Fitbit. I would recommend entering all food related items into your cronometer diary directly and importing activity and biometric data only from Fitbit.

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    edited August 2018

    Right now, I do not have to enter anyyhing into fitbit and I really do not want to enter diet data another system other than Cronometer. I felt that water was like food, has plenty of minerals, and it would flow😂 through. I guess I will just ignore the water metrics in fitbit. Hopefully you folks will consider this in the future. I will add a feature request. Thanks for the feedback Hilary. Enjoy 👍🤠🙏🏻

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