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I would like to enter a specific daily calorie amount as a target as well as specific gram numbers as targets for fat, protein and carbs. Cronometer has dynamic macronutrient targets, which the instructions say can be changed to Fixed Targets, but I cannot find that setting anywhere either online or in the mobile app. I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks!!

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    Hi Hank, thanks for your prompt answer. I had seen that dialog box before but couldn't find the fixed targets choice. But I just tried it again and found it!! Yay!! Thanks so much for your help!


  • On your dashboard/mainpage if you click on the bar that shows the percentage of the goal it will bring up a dialog box where you can enter min/max values as an override.

  • Oh no! I just chose fixed targets and now I get the RDA targets and cannot override them! Is the RDA overrideable (is that even a word?!) anywhere? I am continuing to search. I wish there was a search bar in the manual. Just saying!

  • Never mind, I just figured it out!!

  • Glad you figured it out @kwstarr ! Feel free to ask for help in the "Help"forum. We have some pretty talented team members answering questions in there. :)

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