Optimal Balanced Nutrition

I’ve been trying a million different combinations and it seems no matter what I do I end up deficient on one thing, of way over kill on something else, like vitamin A, or K, or way too much copper.

Does anybody out there have a nutrition plan that is already balanced with close to 100% of all the drv’s?

My goal is to have the exact recipe for a perfect diet, and eat the same meal at the same time every day.

Keep in mind, I don’t eat gluten, dairy, soy, corn, quinoa, cashews, peanuts or processed food and try to avoid anything high in citrus. (tomatoes, lemon, lime etc)

Thank you!

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    I have found that I need supplementation with certain nutrients. Since everyone's chemistry and biology is unique to them, my suggestion would be to keep tweaking. Plus our body chemistry evidently changes as we age.

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    I wouldn't worry about consuming an " overkill" amount of vitamins. As long as they are from food, your body is pretty good at flushing out the excess stuff.

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    I'm working on publishing a book that focuses on just what you want: Optimizing nutrition with a minimal amount of calories (within reason).

    I see two problems with your request, however: With that list of foods to avoid, it's going to be extremely difficult for you to get 100% of your micronutrients on a daily basis. And I wouldn't worry about "overkill" with most vitamins and minerals. As long as you're getting your nutrients through food, it's very difficult to "overdose". That's something we normally only see when people take nutritional supplements in large doses.

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