Is there a way to "quick add" calories?

In MyFitnessPal, it is possible to "Quick Add" foods, including any macro information you have available. Is this something that is possible in Cronometer? For example, today I was given a salad bought from a supermarket. I am unlikely to ever buy this myself, but the only way to log it in cronometer was to either create a new food, or try and figure out what quantities of each of the ingredients it contained. In the long term this means I will end up with a huge list of foods that I've had to create simply to add them to my day as a one off occurance, and which I can't delete as otherwise they'll be removed from my log!!

Here's a link to an image on the internet showing the quick add option for MFP (quick add calories is for all users, quick add macros is for premium users only):

I would want to log calories, total carbs, sugars, fibre, protein, fat, sat fat and salt (the basic nutrients that are listed on food labels in the UK!).

Thanks for any help or pointers you can give me :smiley:


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