Is there a way to "quick add" calories?

In MyFitnessPal, it is possible to "Quick Add" foods, including any macro information you have available. Is this something that is possible in Cronometer? For example, today I was given a salad bought from a supermarket. I am unlikely to ever buy this myself, but the only way to log it in cronometer was to either create a new food, or try and figure out what quantities of each of the ingredients it contained. In the long term this means I will end up with a huge list of foods that I've had to create simply to add them to my day as a one off occurance, and which I can't delete as otherwise they'll be removed from my log!!

Here's a link to an image on the internet showing the quick add option for MFP (quick add calories is for all users, quick add macros is for premium users only):

I would want to log calories, total carbs, sugars, fibre, protein, fat, sat fat and salt (the basic nutrients that are listed on food labels in the UK!).

Thanks for any help or pointers you can give me :smiley:


  • I'm not sure, but I bet @Aaron or @SpencerD_cronometer know the answer!

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • @LCHF to answer your question -- no there is not an equivalent to this in Cronometer. We'll make sure it's on our feature request list.

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    @LCHF Although we don't have this feature specifically, in the meantime, you can create a custom food; instead of deleting it after a one time use, select the food item and mark it as retired. You can do this by selecting the gear in the upper right corner of the food editing screen. When you retire a food it will stay in your diary where you have logged it but it will be removed from your custom foods and search results.
    If you are adding a food on the web version, you can also make it easier for UK food labels by toggling your food label view to "European Label" and the screen will show the same (or similar) template to your UK food label, giving easy access to commonly logged nutrients (ie. carbs, sugar, protein, salt, etc)

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  • @Hilary Thank you so much! That will help me a lot in the meantime :smiley:

  • @Aaron - that would be amazing, thank you!

  • Please add this feature!

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    I'd really like this feature too! A very nice implementation would be to be able to add a calorie amount and then with sliders being able to adjust the macro composition. @Aaron @Hilary

  • One thing I do for quick add calories (i.e. if I'm at a restaurant with kcal info) is create a new recipe or custom food and just enter the calorie information.

    Hope this helps!

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • Gotta be honest, that workaround is quite inconvenient when I only want to quickly add a couple of macros like calories and carbs for a meal I plan to have only once. I'm considering going back to free Cronometer and using it alongside MFP for this reason alone.

  • I too think that's an inconvenient workaround. There really should be a way to quickly add calories, macros, and actually micronutrients too (if one want's to keep track of certain nutrients over time a rough estimate should be easy to add if using all the food items who don't have the data specified).

  • Hey,

    I'm getting a bit late into this thread but I was also looking for a convenient way to quickly add food when I need to estimate macros or when it's not worth adding a new dedicated entry, and my trick for this is that I created 5 custom foods, one for fat, carbs, proteins, fibers that all have 1g of the related nutrient and 0kcal, and a 'calorie' food that has no nutrient and 1kcal, then I just compose whatever I need using these foods :)

  • Thanks @rdr. I have the same requirement, sounds like a reasonable workaround.

  • There's been so much demand for this feature over the years, that I'm bummed it still hasn't been implemented. However, the workaround of creating "Quick add XXX" foods is now official.

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