Trackapp show down: MFP vs Cronometer? (self.xxketo)

Hello ladies! I have been reading about these two for a while now. I was curious, definitively, which one is the tracking bees knees in your opinion? I want to really do keto right this time and this app is destined to be my friend. I know I am going to have to subscribe and shell out some dollars so I wanna make the right choice. I like the cronometer nutrient breakdown, but the library that MFP has seems unparalleled. Which one do you find to be best for you?


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    Not a lady, but....

    In my experience, I find that Cronometer is a better source for nutrient breakdown because the food/nutrition information is actually verified/curated. Everything I've read about MFP says its library is not. While it may be more extensive in what it has listed, it would seem to me that accuracy should be a consideration. Fortunately, there is a fair amount that you can do with Cronometer for free, but the Gold subscription is definitely worth the few dollars a month to track custom biometrics and have access to more information through the "Ask the Oracle" function.

    Having said all of that, I do find that you can get a general idea of nutrition breakdown from some of the items in the MFP library. I've used it in the past to guestimate items that I cant find in the Cronometer database - this is usually for items that you get in restaurants.

    It may depend also on how much control you have over the food you make also. If you eat out a lot, then its much more difficult to really know what is in the food, because you didnt prep it. However, if you prep your own food, then the Cronometer database is really good at finding most items. Cronometer has the ability to create custom foods and recipes for those items that arent in the database. The barcode scanner/entry in both of these interfaces on Cronometer makes input easier, although searching for what is already in the databases provided by the various sources is not at all difficult either.

    In my opinion, Cronometer is the more accurate tool for that purpose.


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    Realized after that this was posted in "Ask an Expert". Not one of those either. Just a user providing an opinion based on experience.


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    lol, i'm not an expert either, making my second debut in the "Ask an Expert" forum...

    i tried to follow along with a friend with MFP, and found it lacking in both nutrient info...and especially the lack of the ability to pull an avg intake which is what actually matters to the scale... without the ability to see your avg over time it has people trying to eat the exact same amount of cals everyday which is a pain....

    Just my opinion though...

    I am an amateur. I've been using CRON-O-Meter for 10 years and counting, still learning.....

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    Users can be experts too! :) We definitely appreciate your input as experienced Cronometer users! :smiley: - (virtual high five)

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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