Fitbit Coach session import

Would it be possible to import Fitbit Coach (previously Fitstar) sessions?


  • We sync with Fitbit, so if you are logging your workouts using your device you will be able to sync these workouts with Cronometer!
    You will find options for device integrations at the bottom of the Profile tab. Check the boxes for the data you would like to import/ export from your chosen device. And select the ‘Link’ button associated with your device.
    Ensure you are not double counting your activity by navigating to the ‘Body Details’ section of the Profile tab and choosing the appropriate General activity level. If your device tracks general activity as well as workouts, choose ‘None’. If your device only tracks workouts (ie. Strava), choose ‘Sedentary’.
    If you are unsure that your device linked, please navigate to the login page for your account with your device provider (ie. Your Fitbit account information page at Find your account information page to ensure that Cronometer is marked as one of your apps connected.

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  • Are you able to connect other brands of smart watches , other than the ones listed ?

  • Hi Skibet,

    We also offer integrations with Apple Health and GoogleFit via the mobile apps for now. We are working on new integrations all the time - and even have a poll asking about your most-wanted integrations for us to work on here:


    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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