New user- custom macros not translating to diary

Hi folks, I’m using cronometer to track my macros for a high fat/keto diet. I put in the custom macros as 75g protein, 20g carbs, 125g fat. On the diary page, it’s showing 30g carb goal and 88g fat goal. What have I done wrong and why aren’t my custom goals showing up correctly?


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    Hi Jainlengomes,

    There are two options for setting your macros in Cronometer: setting dynamic ratio for your macros or setting fixed targets.

    To set fixed targets, go to the macronutrient target settings in the profile tab.
    Select Fixed Targets (called Default (Fixed Targets) on mobile)

    On mobile you can enter in your macronutrient targets below to the gram amounts you have chosen.

    On the website, navigate to the Nutritional Targets section to edit each macronutrient target. Click on each target, tick the box to use a custom value, enter your value and apply your changes.


    Karen Stark
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