Changing Activity Level Without Affecting Previous Data?

I linked my FitBit to track my activity and sleep but now it's double counting my activity, Cronometer's activity level and FitBit's calories burned. Is there a way I can set my activity level to 0 without it affecting my previous calories burned data without going back and changing all of it?


  • Hi Hiroshi,

    There isn't a way to change your activity level without affecting your past data at the moment. This is something we are trying to design for the future.

    You could save a copy of your data before changing your settings so you have a record of it. Gold users can generate a full report, or the nutrition report if you would prefer an average of your intake over a particular time range.

    You can download your data with a free Cronometer account in the Profile tab. Select the gear icon in the Account Information section, then choose Export Data. Select your date range and then choose Export Servings to get a document containing all the food and nutrient information for that date range.

    Then you can change you activity level settings so you can start importing your calories burned from your activity tracker instead.


    Karen Stark
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