How best to get more protein?

I began using Cronometer 9 weeks ago and I am using it to log foods and activities every day.
I am 68, white male, 220lbs at the start. My goal is to get too 200 lbs or below. I began to exercise with dumbells every day, and also to walk, run in place, calisthenics, and and/or bicycle 5 days a week, in addition to adjusting my diet.

My weight is not going down as fast as would be indicated by the numbers I am getting in Cronometer (which shows I should be losing 1 lb. per week). It is flucuating between 215 and 217 lately. It is my sense I am replacing some of the belly fat with arm and leg muscle.

According to the app I am getting the full % of carbs (not too much) but not enough protein. I am wondering what might be the best quickest way for me to add 20 grams of protein per day. I have been averaging about 80 grams (most days are above or below 80). I would like to raise that to a consistent 100g or so.

I eat meat only occasionally and do not wish to add more. I do eat greek yogurt, full fat cheese, 3 eggs twice a week, and a lot of tuna, shrimp, and other fish. I have been adding protein powder to the mix every now and then. Should I make that a daily item? Would that suffice?

Looking for recommendations here.


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    Hi @stillwater21

    Congratulations on making an important change for your health. One thing I want to mention is that even though you aren't seeing the weight drop as quickly as you like, there are positive changes happening internally (i.e to cholesterol and blood sugar levels). :)

    I thought it would be helpful to share a few blogs that I've written about weight loss. The most important thing to keep in mind is that slow and steady weight loss is much more likely to be long-lasting vs. quick and substantial weight loss.

    Where I would start is by measuring everything you are eating to verify that your calorie intake is accurate. If you don't use the recipe analyzer, I would also start (again, for accuracy). Also, try to be as accurate as possible with calories burned. If you are entering all of your exercise, I would set your daily activity level to "sedentary" or "lightly" active.

    Regarding your question about protein, I would suggest adding in some of the following foods:

    • Protein powder
    • Protein bars (Simply, Pure, One, Quest, Kirkland are all low in sugar)
    • plain Greek yogurt
    • cottage cheese
    • Beans and lentils (these have the benefit of being high in fibre and protein = very filling)
    • Tofu/tempeh/edamame


    Best of luck!

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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