Shift/Ctrl key - please use the universal standards for these keys

When selecting multiple anything in Windows, the standard for decades has been that for individual (non-contiguous) items you use CTRL, and for mass (contiguous) selections you use SHIFT.

Could you please change it so you follow the standards here? The current system is both utterly confusing and extremely inefficient.


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    I think that those key combinations are used on more than Windows. My Linux laptop also uses them, for example.


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    Agreed, but I only use it on Windows, so I was sticking with what I knew. I mean, these are just standards that EVERYONE uses. It's bizarre to do something different.

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    I will put this on our feature requests. I'm not a developer so I am not sure what it was about the code that has prevented this in the past.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Karen Stark
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    Yes need to change to standard use of Ctrl and Shift for selecting items. Crazy backwards. Would also like to see Ctrl-C for Copy and Ctrl-V for Paste as having to right click for these functions is inefficient.
    In addition -- when I select a diary group, say dinner, to copy I have to click on the heading to select the group and then move mouse off the heading to right click and select copy. This little glitch has turned up in the last several months. Extremely inefficient.

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