adding salt in custom foods

I'm quite new to Cronometer but I LOVE how in depth it is! My question is regarding the salt in foods that aren't listed.
Here in the UK the salt is usually listed in grams rather than mg.
For instance I've just eaten a protein bar containing 0.4g salt.
My question is how do I add this to the custom foods section? The only place I can see is the sodium section, however if I put 400mg (0.4g equivalent) it isn't correct on the nutritional information panel at the top, it says 1g. Is there a way I can change the units I am adding to avoid calculating it every time?


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    Hi FreyaR,

    Salt is made up of sodium and chloride and is about 40% sodium by weight.

    I would recommend that you choose the European label type when you are creating custom foods, this way you can enter in the salt value as it appears on your label.

    It contains the same layout as most European labels lists salt already, so no conversion necessary - the software does it for you. Try it by entering in your salt value, and then scrolling down to see how much sodium is it.

    There are other differences between the American and European label too - for example European labels list carbohydrates without fibre (i.e. digestible carbohydrates), whereas American labels include the fibre in total carbohydrates. They also use different units for some nutrients, so it may be easier to enter in these values.


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks Karen
    I have been using the European label - however I hadn't realised that the boxes in the label itself were editable! This makes everything much easier, thanks!

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    Thanks so much ..this has helped me out :)

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