Fitness/Exercise aspect of the app needs to be improved

Please bring the Fitness/Exercise side of the application up to the same level of functionality as the nutrition/food side. In the entire time I have been using this there has not been a single improvement to that aspect of the app.


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    Hi YogiSteven,

    We are working on improving the exercise database, as well as design. Any suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated!


    Karen Stark
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    When exercise data imports from Garmin connect it is not editable so I have to create a new entry each time. Also, I frequently have to edit my data in Garmin and the import to Cronometer is only the original data and not the updated, edited data. Even after editing the data in Garmin, the data imported into Cronometer does not update, even if I delete the import into Cronometer and reimport, still get the same original Garmin entry. This makes the Garmin Connect import useless to me so I have to enter everything by hand. Please at a bare minimum make the Garmin import entry EDITABLE so I can make changes in Cronometer. Preferably, have the Cronometer entry update when the Garmin Connect entry is edited and updated.

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    Please allow a custom naming dropdown menu of exercises. For example, I want to be able to easily select from my own custom list of exercises "Burpee Box Plyos, 20 lb. Weight Vest".

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