Question about my macros that are being auto-set

I want my macros to be as follows:

1698 calories
133 g fats
20 g net carbs
104 g protein (calculated by using .8 grams of protein per lb of lean body mass)
(This is strict keto)

To set this up, I go into the Macronutrient target area of Cronometer and choose "High Fat / Ketogenic" The 'rigorous' option seems to match what I'm going for ( .8 grams of protein per lb of lean body mass, and no more than 20 grams of carbs per day).

My activity level is set to 'sedentary' (desk job). I have the "net carbs" option selected.

So here's the problem- I close the macronutrient target area, and Chronometer thinks my macros should be as follows:

(when choosing the keto/rigorous option, it doesn't allow me to modify these manually at all):
46grams of protein (only about half of what my goal is)
20 grams of net carbs
148 g of fat

WHY is this happening? Why is it setting my protein goal so low?

Thank you!


  • Hi errantbehavior,

    On the High Fat/Ketogenic setting your protein is calculated based on your kg lean body mass - not lbs of lean body mass, so that may be why you are seeing a lower value than you expected. (we will calculate this from your body fat %, so be sure to update your body fat biometric). If the preset strictness levels don't match the targets you would like to set, you can also choose custom and enter in your own values for protein per kg lean body mass and grams of net carbs.
    Net carbs will be limited to the value in grams shown. The rest of your energy target will go towards fat.

    The High Fat/Ketogenic setting is a dynamic calculation, meaning that your targets can change day-to-day based on the amount of activity you have entered in your diary. If you have entered a weight loss goal, this will affect your targets as well. By reducing your calorie intake, you will also reduce the value of your fat target.

    If you would like to set fixed targets instead, you can define each macronutrient target in grams. This is a good option if you have calculated your macro targets elsewhere, and would like to use these instead.
    Once you have selected fixed macronutrient targets, on the mobile app, update your macronutrient targets below to the gram amounts you have chosen.
    On the website, navigate to the Nutritional Targets section to edit each macronutrient target. Click on each target, tick the box to use a custom value, enter your value and apply your changes.


    Karen Stark
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  • Wouldn't the recommendation for protein levels be the same no matter if your program uses pounds or kilograms? Just because you are weighing in kilograms, that does not mean my protein requirements are less??.

  • PS, my body fat percentage is entered correctly.

  • Hi errantbehavior,

    There are many different low carb, high fat diet plans to cater to personal preferences, needs and goals. Not all individuals will choose to follow the same ketogenic diet pattern.

    Cronometer offers the flexibility to enter in your own custom values so you can use the values that work best for you!


    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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