Tracking percentage daily calories from whole foods and junk foods

Hi guys, I am tracking the percentage of my total daily calories that come for whole foods and junk foods. My daily goal is to eat at leat 80% of total calories from whole foods. In order to track that in cronometer, I created a diary group labelled “Whole foods” and “Junk food”, so to organize my daily diary entries. I would like that indicators to appear in the nutrient target summary panel. How can I do that?



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    I'm brand new here so I don't know the answer but a great question so I'm following your post :smile:

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    edited October 2018

    Hi Carlos,

    Cronometer does not have the ability to add custom 'nutrients' to track in the nutrient targets - but this is on our list to develop in the future. I think you have a great idea to separate you diary groups. By clicking on the group header, you can quickly see how many calories and nutrients you have consumed from whole foods and how much your 'junk' foods are contributing.

    Thanks for your feedback, and you as well @JNo2018


    Karen Stark
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