Why is this app telling me I need 120g of protein?

Hi everyone, I’m new to this app. I’m a 23y/o male, around 73kg in weight and around 5ft 8/9” tall. I’ve selected that all I want to do is maintain my size and the app is telling me that my daily protein target is over 120g, this sounds far too high to me. I know I can change it but is there a reason why it’s been set so high?



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    Hi Lewisc,

    Your protein target is calculated according to your macronutrient targets.
    If you have a dynamic ratio set, this will take into account your calories burned for the day and calculate the amount of protein from the defined ratio.

    For example, for 2000 kcal energy target, with a ratio of protein:carbs:fat of 25:40:35 would yield:

    125 g protein (500 kcal)
    200 g carbohydrates (800 kcal)
    78 g fat (700 kcal)

    Cronometer gives you the option to fully customize your targets using either dynamic or fixed macronutrient targets.


    Karen Stark
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