Keto calculator - app isn’t working as one

I’ve gotten wildly different results when I look up what my macros should be in various online keto calculators. The app doesn’t set them accordingly either when I choose that as the diet plan, which I would have hoped it would do since I’m paying for it. Can you recommend one? Or tell me how to do it through this so far useless app?


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    Hi KetoNoob,

    To use this nutrition tracking tool, you will first want to decide what your goals are - sounds like you are on your way to finding out where you would like to start!
    If you have specific macro targets in mind - let us know and we can give you a step-by-step on how to get your Profile set up.

    Cronometer has a couple of options that you can choose from to set your Macronutrients targets for your plan.

    1. High Fat/Ketogenic settings
      In the Profile tab, select Macronutrient Targets, then choose High Fat/Ketogenic
      This will allow you to choose one of the preset calculations for your macros.
      Your protein is calculated based on your kg lean body mass (we will calculate this from your body fat %, so be sure to update your body fat biometric).
      Net carbs will be limited to the value in grams shown. The rest of your energy target will go towards fat.
      If the preset strictness levels don't match the targets you would like to set, you can also choose custom and enter in your own values for protein per kg lean body mass and grams of net carbs.

    The High Fat/Ketogenic setting is a dynamic calculation, meaning that your targets can change day-to-day based on the amount of activity you have entered in your diary. If you have entered a weight loss goal, this will affect your targets as well. By reducing your calorie intake, you will also reduce the value of your fat target.
    Keep in mind, Cronometer calculates your energy target based on your basal metabolic rate (BMR), the activity level you chosen in the Profile tab. These are calculated using your age, height, weight and sex. This may account for the differences you are seeing using other calculators.

    1. Fixed Targets for Macronutrient Targets
      If you choose fixed targets, you will be able to define each macronutrient target in grams. This is a good option if you have calculated your macro targets elsewhere, and would like to use these instead.
      Once you have selected fixed macronutrient targets, on the mobile app, update your macronutrient targets below to the gram amounts you have chosen.
      On the website, navigate to the Nutritional Targets section to edit each macronutrient target. Click on each target, tick the box to use a custom value, enter your value and apply your changes.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!


    Karen Stark
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    edited February 2022

    I think an issue is how the Keto Calculator calculates, when you do not enter fixed targets, is based on Lean Body Mass and not Total Body Mass. What I have found is the Keto Calculators I have found calculate based on total body mass. When I use the Keto Calculator, using Rigorous with 20 gr of total carbs, losing 1 lb per week. . I get the following values: Protein 49%, Fat 101%. I used the Keto Calculator in Ruled Me and go the following values for 15g net carbs: 81g fats and 99g protein. In another I got, for 15 grams of net carbs, 88g fats and 85 grams of fat. My point is they are calculating on total body mass and not lean body mass. I am not sure whick is correct and looking for any suggestions. Am I way off the mark?

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