Insulin Load tracking

This would be helpful, and it's a simple formula using data that the app already collects:

Insulin Load of a meal plan (in grams) = total carbs - fiber carbs + (0.56 x protein)

And if this could be charted, even better.


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    Hi Loonypapa,

    Thanks for the formula for a new metric to track.
    If you would like to start tracking (and charting) this right away, create a custom biometric. You will have to calculate your values for now.

    On the website, select Add Biometric in your diary, then click the green + icon to create a new biometric. Give your metric a name and unit of measurement. This will remain in your list of biometrics so you can add it each day. By tracking it as a biometric you will be able to view your data over time in the trends tab.


    Karen Stark
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    Heads Up Health desktop will import Cronometer and give you your daily insulin load. It's accurate based on your formula and I use it daily.

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