Viewing the Calorie Deficit by default instead of the Calorie Budget

Hi, I'm now to chronometer.
I love that cronometer shows the current Calorie Deficit, however it only does so when you hover over the Calorie Budget button. I really, really dislike most food counter/tracker apps because of the Calorie Budget. I feel that number is demotivating, and over the course of the day, can make you feel bad. If I want to maintain a 1000 calorie per day deficit, then I'd rather see that, after my Starbucks breakfast (which is admittedly not the best choice) that I am at a 1779 deficit, rather than having only 781 calories left to eat.

It is a mental thing. Anyone trying to lose weight knows that small meals at regular intervals is best.

  • With the deficit view, I know that I want to have a 1000 deficit at the end of the day, and "Oh look, I have an even better deficit right now, that is great! Sure, I know my starbucks wasn't a great choice, but I'm okay, I have time, I can make better eating choices as the day goes on."
  • With the budget view, I think, "Oh wow, 781 calories, I just wasted more than half of my calories for the day and I have only eaten one thing today. I suck. I better not eat. Or maybe I'll skip a meal. "

These are two very different mindsets. One is encouraging and supports the desired behavior, while the other one is discouraging, and could motivate negative behaviors. The only difference was the way that the numbers are presented.

This is my biggest problem with Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and other apps - this focus on "Calories Left" Is there a way to view Current Calorie Deficit by default, at a glance?



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    Hello Usagisisa,

    I think Cronometer can do what you are looking for.
    Click the gear icon in the Calories Summary area to customize what you see in this panel:

    If you would not like to take your weight goal into account in your calorie balance,
    un-tick the box beside 'Show Weight Goal'. This will instead show you the difference between calories consumed - calories burned.

    Another approach would be to change your weight goal to maintain weight, rather than a weight loss goal, then the software will not subtract any additional calories to achieve a calorie deficit and you can focus solely on your calories required to maintain weight. You can still keep track of your intake using the Calories graph in the diary page or by viewing your calories consumed in the Trends tab.


    Karen Stark
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    Oh that is fabulous! Thank you so much!!

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