I had this suggestion as part of another feature request but am now adding it as its own separate request.

I'd love to be able to sort my "Favorite" food list alphabetically. The ability to do that on the website with Custom foods is great but I really miss that feature on my phone. I typically use my phone app for everything and use the website only when necessary.

Adding food to the diary is a multi-step process as it is but could be quicker if items were alphabetized so you could find them quicker. I guess ordering them ascending and descending would be enough but maybe some people would prefer to sort items by most recently used. I don't know.

I actually have started "editing copies" of all my foods to rename them to names that make more sense to me. Maybe having the phone sync with the "Custom" list as it is ordered on the website would be one work around, but then I would suggest letting us re-order the tabs across the top of the "Add Food" window, ( "All", "Favorites", "Common", "Supplement", "Brands", "Custom", etc.). The ability to move the "Custom" tab to the left would eliminate the extra step required to scroll across to the Custom tab to access it. But this work around wouldn't be necessarily helpful to those who do not use their Custom tab for all their foods.

Maybe this is just my OCD wanting things in order. :D


  • Hi Jensen,

    Thanks so much for your well-thought out feedback! We will look into implementing custom sorting of the food search tabs.

    The current logic for the foods pre-populated in the food search is by foods you have used the most frequently and then the most popular foods in the database. The next level of logic is to use the text you enter (minimum of 3 characters) to search for foods with the matching text, again with the foods you have used more often and the most popular foods in our database containing the matching text shown at the top of the list. The Favorites tab, will only contain foods that you have added to your list, so the quickest way to find the food you are looking for in this tab is to enter in a few characters of text found in the name. It sounds like you are already on to these steps; hopefully this can help others looking for this information too!

    Thanks again for your ideas on improving the efficiency of adding foods to your diary.


    Karen Stark
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  • Another vote for better sorting. The only place that I can find that supports sorting is in the Foods tab, and one can only sort the Custom Foods and Custom Recipes.

    There should be an option to sort by description in the Diary (you already allow manually resorting items here by dragging.) If I consume an item more than once/day, I just increment the serving. Sorting by description would make it much easier to find an item. I would also think that folks that input time would want to sort by time, no?

    Sorting options are also needed in the Add Food to Diary tabs and I can find no way to do so. For example, I should be able to to sort (and reverse sort) my Favorites tab by description. (I've renamed my custom recipes with an AA prefix so that they always show at the top.)

    The All list is seemingly haphazard. Things that I have never picked show up near the top along with things I've used frequently.

    The Common Foods tab shows me lots of stuff that I've never picked. Hope that this is just a matter of being relatively new and that - in lieu of the ability to remove items from this list - with time ONLY my most used foods will populate.


  • Hi zdub,

    When you search for a food as a new user who does not have many frequently used items, the suggested results will match the text in your search and be sorted based on popularity of all Cronometer users.

    As you log more and more foods to your diary, the results will be based on matching the text you have entered and be sorted based on the foods you have added to your diary the most. Once the software has learned from you, typing in the first few letters of a food you have used a lot should bring it to the top of the list.

    Adding more sorting options to the diary is a neat idea! We currently offer the option to sort by time for Gold subscribers. If you have diary groups enabled, your foods will still remain in their respective diary groups and then sort by time.

    Thanks for adding your perspective!


    Karen Stark
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  • Oh, I see that time sort option now in Settings. I don't need the functionality, but seems like it would have been better implemented by being able to click on the column header of the grid. But thanks.

  • No problem @zdub :)

    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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