Could you please add a section on forums to introduce new features?

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I realize you introduce things in the general section but it would be a lot easier to check a "new features" or "updates" section and have them all in one place. And if you have had a break from cromometer it would also be helpful to be able to quickly find all new updates. Thanks.

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    Thank you for your consideration. The new features are great! Sometimes my life swamps me and it's good to get back up to date with the new updates on Cronometer so it was just an idea. I know you are a very busy company so thank you for considering it. :)

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    Standard metric/international/SI units (like kilojoules) would be fantastic! ;) It's very handy for exercise calculations as well... for example: the energy required to lift a medium sized tomato up 1 metre is one joule. Easy and handy.


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