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Any plans to add a Cronometer Amazon Echo (Alexa) skill?

Sometimes I forget to log a snack because the computer isn't nearby, or my hands are busy at work.


  • +1!! This would be huge. The biggest barrier to using any kind of app like this is the effort and time it takes to input your food and biometric entries on a consistent daily basis and not forget anything. If all I had to do was say Alexa tell chronometer I just had 3 eggs or Alexa tell chronometer I weigh 180.6 lbs, etc, that drastically improves the likelihood I will keep my diary updated and complete. Compare that to having a snack and then having to pull your phone out of your pocket unlock it open the app wait for it to sync (which usually takes about 3 to 5 Seconds for some reason) and then make your entry through a series of taps to navigate menus and searches for items. The ease of verbally adding something even if it's just a note for you to remember later is pretty awesome

  • This is a great idea! It has been requested in the past and is on our (Very long) list of feature ideas for our developers to look into implementing! We have some big changes to Cronometer coming soon; our programmers are busy working on these big updates, but I will keep your suggestions in mind for the future!
    We are always looking to make the app more user friendly, so suggestions from our users are imperative!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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