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I need to be able to download my nutrition report based on my 3 days of recorded information and i cant seem to find an option for saving anything on this website when it is specifically for nutrition reports


  • Hi morg707,

    You can't download the nutrition report but view your average nutrition over the specified time period in the Nutrition Report tab.

    With a Gold subscription you can access your nutrition summaries in the Full Report tab. Select your date range, then tick the box next to 'Nutrition Summary' to generate a report containing your average nutrition over the specified time period. Click 'Generate Report' and you can print, or create a pdf from there.

    If you do not have a Gold subscription, you can still access all of your nutrition data! Navigate to the Profile tab. In the Account Details section, select the gear icon. Choose Export Data. Choose your date range, and select Export Servings. This will generate a .csv file containing all the nutrition information for the specified date range. You can average your values to get an average nutrition summary.


    Karen Stark
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