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I was looking at what I consumed over the course of the day and was surprised to see that I had eaten trans-fat. Looking up the culprit, I found that it was my unsalted butter. I googled that and found that grass-fed Irish wonderful yummy butter does not contain trans-fat. Why is is listed her that it does?


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    Did you just type in butter, unsalted, or did you enter Irish butter? The Kerrygold Irish butter doesn't show transfat in the db.

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    Hi Bajanna,

    There are different sources of trans fat:

    1. Naturally-occurring found in products made from ruminant animals (cows, sheep, deer, goat etc.)These trans fats are thought not to be harmful.

    2. Industrially-produced trans fats found in processed foods like hydrogenated oils. These are thought to be the harmful trans fats that have been banned in many countries.


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