How to fill in the account information, body details, how to calculate body fat, BMI, BMR

Please I would like somebody to help me fill the above mentioned information and help me how to calculate the body fat, BMI and BMR.


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    Hi Maria,

    Cronometer will calculate your BMR for you using your age, sex, height and weight using the Mifflin St. Jeor equation. There are other methods you can learn about here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basal_metabolic_rate

    Your BMI is calculated automatically in Cronometer as well from your height and weight, using the formula: body weight in kg divided by height in metres squared.

    There are many methods to measure body fat - methods you could use at home include measuring body circumference, using calipers to measure skin-fold thickness, using a scale that measure body fat using bioelectric impedance, to high-tech methods found in hospitals and institutions, such as hydrostatic weighing and dual energy x-ray absoptiometry (DEXA).

    You can also use Cronometer's Snapshot feature to estimate body fat from photos of yourself. You can find Snapshots in the Trends tab on the website. Learn how to take good photos here: https://cronometer.com/help/trends/#snapshots


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks Karen I will try to add the details needed in Body details.

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