Adding new food - units of energy only uses old-fashioned (US?) units

When entering a new food, only kcal is available to enter, not kJ, which is the SI unit of food energy. This means that every time I want to add a new food, I have to go and do the conversion (unless I'm missing something, somewhere) which is a major friction point that means it's tempting to not bother.

If this could be added, that would be great.


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    Hi Juice,

    If you are creating your custom foods on the website, you have the option to select different label types, including European or Australia/NZ. These labels include kJ so you can enter it there.

    Or you can scroll down to the General section below to enter in kJ no matter which label is chosen:

    We will work on including this option on the mobile app as well.


    Karen Stark
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