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Hi Everyone!

I was inspired by @haggardgk 's post in the "How many people on here are on the keto diet?" to discuss workplace health. @haggardgk you mentioned you are sendentary most of the day due to your work; I realized that I am too, as are so are many others! I'm wondering how other Cronometer users find a way to be healthy at work! Is there a Cronometer Feature or a linked device to Cronometer that helps you manage your health at work - either fitness or nutrition related? What are your roadblocks? Going out to eat too often? That open bag of Chips at your desk? Going home at the end of the workday to lay on the couch? (Sometimes you need to! ;) )

Personally, I try to find time to go to Yoga at my lunchbreak once a week - I am lucky enough that my yoga studio is just around the corner - and make sure to use a standing desk for part of my day! It helps that I work for Cronometer, but I keep the page open on my browser to input food as I go so I am consciously eating, instead of just plowing through my entire package of Chocolate Hobnob cookies (Yum!).

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