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Hi Everyone!

I was inspired by @haggardgk 's post in the "How many people on here are on the keto diet?" to discuss workplace health. @haggardgk you mentioned you are sendentary most of the day due to your work; I realized that I am too, as are so are many others! I'm wondering how other Cronometer users find a way to be healthy at work! Is there a Cronometer Feature or a linked device to Cronometer that helps you manage your health at work - either fitness or nutrition related? What are your roadblocks? Going out to eat too often? That open bag of Chips at your desk? Going home at the end of the workday to lay on the couch? (Sometimes you need to! ;) )

Personally, I try to find time to go to Yoga at my lunchbreak once a week - I am lucky enough that my yoga studio is just around the corner - and make sure to use a standing desk for part of my day! It helps that I work for Cronometer, but I keep the page open on my browser to input food as I go so I am consciously eating, instead of just plowing through my entire package of Chocolate Hobnob cookies (Yum!).

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  • Great discussion @Hilary ! My office is located in a giant Sportsplex. Depending on how long I am in the office for, I make it a goal to walk around the building at least once every four hours. I feel refreshed, energized, and more positive after these little strolls! :smile:

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • @haggardgk, I like that feature too. Sometimes its surprising to find what is in your foods, and I think a lot of Cronometer users really value that!. @Susan_RD_101 that's a great idea! Do you use any computer programs/ apps to remind you to move around? I know there are a few out there!
    I try to get outside once during my day too no matter the weather!

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  • My activity tracker reminds me that it's time to move when i've been inactive for too long :)

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  • I use a sit stand desk as well. I also walk outside at lunch when the weather is nice.

  • Great thread @Hilary !

    I work remotely (read: in my pajamas at home) and have set up a standing desk with a few extra cardboard boxes from my amazon orders. I also have an erg machine on my back porch where I can row whenever I want, along with a nice sized back yard for all manner of exercise.

    If you are impressed, don't be! Apart from the standing desk, I don't use this stuff nearly enough. :sweat:

    Spencer D.
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  • I can relate to a lot of you. I sit at a desk job as a computer programmer. I have to remind myself to get up and walk around (besides at lunch).

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    I stand when working for Cronometer and my biz. Built a station out of my daughter's old closet shoe rack. When I sit for another job, I have to sit unfortunately, it kills me! Legs go numb, ankles get cold, and feet swell a bit.

    Best regards,
    Frank Alvarez
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  • lol do another project then and tell us about it

  • When I worked in an office . . . I rode my bicycle everyday and left it in a storage room in the basement, then whilst there spent 45mins doing Kung Fu calisthenics and pull-ups from the sprinkler pipe. Always used the stairs and at lunch time went to a nearby gym 4 days a week. In the evenings twice a week went to Kung Fu studio for 2 hours.

  • Dear All,

    I have high Cholesterol. How to reduce it?

  • A healthy workplace environment is good for your company as it could lead to bringing sales for business. A healthy workplace environment improves productivity and reduces costs related to absenteeism, turnover, workers' compensation, and medical claims

  • It's great to see that you're interested in discussing workplace health and finding ways to stay healthy while on the job! While Cronometer does not have any specific features or linked devices that are designed for workplace health, there are still many ways to use the app to support your health and nutrition goals while at work.

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