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Immediately after the time change, I noticed that the time stamp did not change. I've waited for a while manually changing the time stamp, thinking this little bug would be taken care of. But it is still reflecting daylight savings time, not standard time. How can I permanently change this (until daylight savings time comes again, of course). Or is this something the administrators have to do? Also is there a way to change the default of the biomeasures to breakfast rather than lunch, so I don't have to do this change each time I add something?


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    Hi pkinnetz,

    Have you set a preferred timezone? From the diary page select the menu (gear icon) the choose diary settings:
    Un-tick the box to select preferred timezone to use your device settings instead.

    There are two ways to choose the diary group into which your diary items will be entered:
    1. Select the diary group first by clicking on the group header. It should remember the group you selected last time, unless you select a new group in the meantime.

    1. From the Add Biometric dialogue (or Food, Exercise or Note) click on the 'Diary Group' to change where it is entered.


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks-- I went into my settings and they were set to EST, but just re-entering the settings seemed to have fixed the problem.

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