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Is there a way to enter a LIST of foods rather than click the ADD button in between entries?


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    Hi Ollewis,

    To add multiple items to your diary does require adding each item separately - to give you the opportunity to enter the correct serving size for each item as you add it to your diary. Thanks for your feedback - we can think about a way to add multiple items at once to make it quicker to add many foods from your food search to your diary at once.

    If you find that you frequently eat the same meals or items together, you can copy the items all at once from a previous day. On the website, hold the shift-key to select many items at once, then click the gear icon in the top right corner of the diary page to select 'Copy Selected Items'. Select a new day to then click the gear icon and select 'Paste' to enter them into your diary.

    Another option for foods that you eat often is to create a recipe containing all the foods in the portions you typically consume. Then you can enter them in your diary all at once by adding the recipe to your diary. You can right-click on the recipe and Explode Recipe to show the individual items in the recipe if you need to make adjustments to portion sizes.


    Karen Stark
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