Why is the Fat Summary Bar Red at Top but Green at Bottom?

edited December 2018 in Ask An Expert

Why is the bar for Fat at the top of the Nutritional Summary page red when I’m at 60% of my daily allowance but yellow at the bottom in the detail section? Is there a bias associated with the top bar favoring someone wanting to reduce fat? I realize that most people want to reduce fat intake and lose weight but my profile clearly shows I’m maintaining my weight. I’d rather not have a bias of a red bar indicating caution when I actually need to ADD fat to my diet. I know that I’m not over my quota. It’s just a little annoying to have the app insinuate I’m over a value when I’m not. It’s negative motivation, for me anyway. Note that this is probably gonna affect those recovering from an eating disorder negatively.

Is there a workaround for this? Thanks.


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