Garmin Activity Not Syncing Properly

This seems to be a bug / issue that pops up every so often. Garmin Connect is talking to Cronometer but it is not importing the Daily Activity correctly as of the last few days now.


  • Good to hear its a new issue. I just started up with Garmin imports and parts seem to work and other parts dont. Its getting my weight and pulse correctly, but my "daily activity" is not correct (even close). It appears to be getting it first thing in the morning so it very low. Should be at the end of the day or updated for the previous day.

  • We may sometimes encounter issues with the Garmin connections.

    First, ensure you have synced your device with the Garmin app or on your computer.

    Then, try un-linking Garmin from Cronometer. On your computer, log in to your Garmin account. Once logged in, go to Profile > account > Account information. Scroll down, and the bottom of this page, you should see Cronometer (I've attached an example). Click 'Remove Permission' for Cronometer.

    Re-link with Cronometer, making sure all permissions required are granted.

    Please contact [email protected] if this does not resolve the issue.

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  • I've been using Garmin with Cronometer for probably close to 2 years now and it's worked more times than not but every so often it get's buggy like this. They are usually pretty receptive to fixing the issues.

  • Yeah I have been noticing the same goofy behavior that was going on a month ago.

  • Another data point -- I've been having the same problems over the last week or so, and when I attempted to work with Garmin Connect's website this morning, it's giving me all sorts of errors (unable to process you request at this time, etc). I've done the logout/login dance, but to no avail. I usually have 3 or 4 distinct workouts sessions a day (walking the dog counts -- don't be too impressed :-P), and only 1 or 2 will show up.

    I also depend on the generic activity level, which can be REALLY high sometimes when I'm moving around a lot. For example, I race cars for fun, and on Monday, was super active working on the cars, running around the paddock, etc. Daily activity showed 1184 calories. The next day, even higher level of overall effort as we had to fix some things that broke, and it shows around 300.

    I can manually enter the individual workouts as a workaround, but the inconsistency makes it hard to track things accurately,

  • What Garmin do you have? I actually find the garmin side typically pretty accurate just have issues at times with it syncing into the cronometer.

  • I've got a Vivoactive3, although I am tempted to upgrade to the Fenix, just 'cause the maps are cool :-P

    And, I just went through the recommended procedure above, disconnected and relinked the device and accounts, but there's no change in the data shown in the dairy.

    I wonder if there's a way to force it to resync? Similar to how you can resync your smartphone and the watch, within the Garmin Connect app itself.

    This is the single most important connection between two of my apps, since I love cronometer, and really want the data to be as accurate as possible.

  • For me the problem just kinda comes and goes

  • I just wish it would go at this point.....

  • Oddly enough mine is working perfectly right now.

    I know one time I posted about it quite a while back cronometer actually replied and said they were gonna run an update and fix the bug and it worked but sometimes it just goes away on its own

  • I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised, since I doubt Garmin tests how code changes they deploy will affect all these 3rd party apps, so we should expect this from time to time. Honestly, as a software and infrastructure engineer, I'm a bit amazed that it all links together as well as it does.

    Since we can add activity entries by hand, there is a workaround for the missing workouts, and at the end of the day, we can always edit the Daily Activity entry, but it's better for it to update live. I sometimes gauge how much to eat for dinner based on where I'm at by looking at these numbers, and since I sometimes finish eating in the early afternoon on days when I'm doing a LOOOOONG fast into the next day, it makes this trickier.

    I'll pursue this with Garmin as well, and see what they say about it, too.

  • We did actually release an update to the Garmin sync quite recently, which may account for the success you are now finding @DB1616 .
    @lunatick Are you finding that your general activity data isn't syncing at all? Could you send some more details about this, and also some example screenshots of the error messages you are seeing? Thanks!

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  • I'm not getting any error messages, I'm just not seeing one or more of my exercise events show up in cronometer. The two attached screen shots show the problem. I have 3 exercise events (walking the dog, warm up at the gym, then the HIIT at the gym). I had to manually enter the warm up event (the ~80 cal one), because it never showed up all day.

    The Daily Activity didn't update all morning, either, but did so after I restarted my phone a few minutes ago. Note that I restarted because cronometer was stuck trying to look up some food I scanned via the barcode, and after 10 minutes of watching the spinning icon, I ran out of patience. When I saw the Daily Activity update after the restart, I was hoping to also see the missing exercise activity, but that was not the case.

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    @lunatick I was referring to the errors mentioned here:

    Another data point -- I've been having the same problems over the last week or so, and when I attempted to work with Garmin Connect's website this morning, it's giving me all sorts of errors (unable to process you request at this time, etc).

    Thanks for the further info and screenshots. I will pass these along to our development team to look into. I'll let you know if we need any further information. My apologies for the inconvenience!

    Regarding the loading spinner, just wondering what type of phone and what version number of Cronometer you are using - Found at the bnottom of the settings tab. You can reply to [email protected] if you like.

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  • I've got an iPhone Xs Max, running iOS 12.2, and cronometer is v3.0.7 (b318-IP)

    As a fairly technically savvy person I would be more than happy to run a debug version of the application, if it will help you gather more details to figure this one out. Anything I can do to help, just let me know. Getting this specific feature working reliably is important to me.

    I'm not going to get my six pack if I can't fine tune my caloric intake :-) (and I'm soooooo close....)

  • @lunatick you can update your app to 3.0.8 (319) in the app store. We are still working on a phased release, so your app wont update automatically - you will need to do this manually. Let me know if updating to the newer version makes a difference!

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  • Done, but I presume you want me to see if I have this problem going forward? I've tried to force an update via the website (backfill), but it still doesn't reload the missing workout. I went to Pilates with my wife tonight, and that seemed to sync just fine, but the mystery workout from this morning is still missing, and I working with the manually added entry.

    FWIW, the Daily Activity seemed to update as well, in both versions of the app.

    In any case, I'm now running 3.0.8 (b319-IF), and I'll report any issues tomorrow. I'm insane -- I get at least 3 or 4 "workouts" a day (yeah, I know, walking the dog isn't Crossfit, but don't tell the dog...)

  • OK, here's another data point, and a possible pattern (before I make that assertion, I'll want to see more that TWO events, of course).

    This morning at the gym, I did my usual thing of recording the warmup and main workouts separately. And again the warmup did NOT sync with cronometer.

    Same as yesterday, these two sessions are back to back, and separated by maybe 5 minutes of rest. This makes me wonder if the close proximity of the start times is the issue.

    The wife and I went to Pilates last night, and that exercise event synced up fine. I suspect when we go this evening, it will work fine as well.

    Looking back at my data from a few weeks ago, I didn't have this problem. It seems to have started this week, although I was on vacation for a week and never had back to back events like I do every morning now.

    As a workaround, I could just record the entire time in the gym as one session, but then we won't be able to track down what's happening here. It used to work fine.

    Anyway, I am more than happy to keep proving whatever information will help you resolve this.

  • Hi all, new to the forums, but I am also having the same issue, as a runner who trains more than once a day, I am only seeing the most recent activity when Cronometer syncs with Garmin. Earlier in the day I saw my morning activity, this evening I only see my evening activity. iPhone 10x Cronometer version 3.0.8 (b319-IP), Garmin connect and Garmin express both latest versions too. The sync also doesn't happen on the online based Cronometer.

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    @Boab We are currently working on some updates for Garmin. I will let you know when we have released the update. Thanks for your patience!

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