Garmin Activity Not Syncing Properly

This seems to be a bug / issue that pops up every so often. Garmin Connect is talking to Cronometer but it is not importing the Daily Activity correctly as of the last few days now.


  • Good to hear its a new issue. I just started up with Garmin imports and parts seem to work and other parts dont. Its getting my weight and pulse correctly, but my "daily activity" is not correct (even close). It appears to be getting it first thing in the morning so it very low. Should be at the end of the day or updated for the previous day.

  • We may sometimes encounter issues with the Garmin connections.

    First, ensure you have synced your device with the Garmin app or on your computer.

    Then, try un-linking Garmin from Cronometer. On your computer, log in to your Garmin account. Once logged in, go to Profile > account > Account information. Scroll down, and the bottom of this page, you should see Cronometer (I've attached an example). Click 'Remove Permission' for Cronometer.

    Re-link with Cronometer, making sure all permissions required are granted.

    Please contact [email protected] if this does not resolve the issue.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • I've been using Garmin with Cronometer for probably close to 2 years now and it's worked more times than not but every so often it get's buggy like this. They are usually pretty receptive to fixing the issues.

  • Yeah I have been noticing the same goofy behavior that was going on a month ago.

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