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It would be nice to set fitness trackers and reminders. Nothing crazy, just a simple way to have an overview of your activities. You can plot just about any biometric or nutrient value, why not have somewhere that tracks the activities you input? (or maybe I'm missing it) I know you can add the exercises as custom biometrics, which I suppose could work.

My other thought is if exercises are tracked, add in a reminder as well. Such that, if a user has a goal specified of 3 hours of yoga each week, or 30 minutes of yoga each day, etc., give the user the ability to set up reminders to do yoga. Also, for desk workers like myself, have a reminder to get up and walk at predetermined periods.


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    Hi ChrisKay,

    These are great ideas - thanks for sharing with us! They are on our list of feature requests.

    One thing you can do currently is chart your Calories Burned in the nutrient chart in the Trends tab:

    This is the third chart on the trends page - which is accessible with a Gold subscription.


    Karen Stark
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    edited December 2018

    Awesome, thanks!

    I do use that feature as well, but actual calories burned is a hard bit of information to determine accurately, and honestly, exercising to burn calories usually isn't my main goal. I tend to gravitate toward tracking things by time, intensity, frequency and volume.

    Looking forward to seeing how this app progresses! By far my favorite tracking app to date.

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