Can you scan barcodes

It says it above - can you scan bar-codes using your mobile phone to load food portions and nutritional details.

This is a hope, like many fitness apps, cronometer is US centric (naturally, as it is based there), I hope that your app deals with non US foods, and producers, in my case, I hope it has UK products in it's database!


  • Having looked on your facebook page, I see that you might be Canadian based, so perhaps I should have said North American above, rather than US!!

  • Hi Janethepain,

    You can scan bar codes with the mobile app. Tap the orange +, then 'Scan Food'. Allow Cronometer permission to access your camera to start scanning.

    We do have many foods outside of North America, as well as a curation team that is adding new products each day.


    Karen Stark
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