please make add food easier

Can we have some UX love for add food....

Every time you add food you need to:

  • hit the plus button
  • Hit food
  • Enter the food
  • Repeat

Instead could we just have two buttons:

  • “add”
  • “Done”
    this way you don’t need to go through the 3 click sequence again as shown above., it’s really awkward to keep redoing the enter food steps over and over.


  • Hi Rickybobby,

    We are working on streamlining the add food process. Thanks very much for sharing your feedback!

    There is a shortcut in the mobile app to adding a food - instead of hitting the orange + then selecting Add Food, you can tap the 'Calories Consumed' target icon at the top of the diary screen to take you directly to the food search.

    Then you can search for the food you are looking for, and enter in the serving size to add the food to your diary.


    Karen Stark
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  • I would also love an easier way to enter food items or if possible whole dishes. What is your plan regarding streamlining the process? Will there ever be the possibility to add foods in bulk? I and others here on the forum requested the ability to just add a list of ingredients and measures and have cronometer parse this text and then offer an interpretation that can be edited. This would make entering food a breeze and would also make it very easy to import whole recipes from websites or recipe managers like Paprika, which seems to be a feature that a lot of people would like.


  • Great suggestion @cronon - the development team is keen to research adding recipe ingredients in bulk.

    The design team is also working hard on UX update coming in the New Year.

    Happy Holidays!

    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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