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In your Diary, you can hover over a particular macro, and see the foods you consumed during the day, to add up to the number. However, when adding ingredients to a recipe, you see totals for macro/micro nutrients. You cannot hover or click on an ingredient to see that particular ingredient's numbers. For instance, if you have a recipe that has high carbohydrates, you may not know which ingredient it is that is spiking the number. It would be cool, to be able to hover over the total numbers, below the ingredient list, to get a list of ingredients that add up to that number, just as you would in your diary. It is difficult to explain, so I am trying to be as descriptive as possible. If further explanation is needed, please let me know.


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    Hi wklambert,

    I agree! This is on our list of feature requests. It would be great to see where each nutrient is coming from in a recipe quickly to help you make decisions about which ingredients you would like to use. That would be a great help in designing recipes that fit in with your nutrition goals.


    Karen Stark
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    Agreed!! Double thumbs up to this one. As someone that puts in all the food I eat and all the recipes I cook, I always instinctively try to use the hover in the recipe edit screen and I'm always a little sad when it doesn't work.

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