Cronometer and Oura not equal.

Hi, I’ve been tracking my calories burned on the Oura ring and on Cronometer for a little while but I noticed they were not equal.

The Oura ring uses the schofield formula for BMR whole Cronometer uses the mifflin formula.

The Oura says I’ve burned in total 2737 calories for the day with 684 calories on the goal burned.
Cronometer inserts the 684 calories and also the apple health calories which look to me as the exact same number or veeeeery similar, depends on the day.

If Cronometer is using the Oura ring to track calories it should use the total calories burned, not add the goal activity calories to the BMR in Cronometer.
They add up to either much higher or much lower.
Today I burned 2737 calories on Oura but 3000 on Cronometer. And if I remover the apple health calories it drops down to 2300 which is completely incorrect.

Helo with this please?


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    Hi Eli2399,

    In order to dig into this, would you mind sending some screenshots of your BMR and calories burned in your Oura app and the same shown in your Cronometer diary, to support@cronometer.com?

    I recommend importing activity from one device only - It sounds like you may be double-counting calories burned during activities by importing this information from both Oura and Apple Health .

    You can edit what information to import from Oura in the Devices section of the Profile tab:

    In Apple Health app settings you can manage which data to share with Cronometer.

    Karen Stark
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    I have the same problem here with a Polar Device. I will send screenshots whenever I can.

    Glad to know there might be hope!

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