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I have my activity setting set to 'none' to avoid doubling up on the BMR calorie burn count, but I notice that all my fitbit activity is being counted twice. For example; overall 'fitbit activity' = 91 minutes which consists of 61 minutes walking and 30 minutes calisthenics, which are then also counted separately.

Is there a way to fix this double counting of activity? I tried deleting the overall activity entry but of course it reappears when the apps sync up.




  • Or maybe I'm interpreting this wrong - I see that the calorie counts don't add up so perhaps it's not counting the calories twice? Could you please confirm?

  • Hi JessicaB,

    This may be the difference between general activity measured by your Fitbit throughout the day and exercises that you tracked or were detected by your device. Though that would be a coincidence that the minutes for general activity and exercises were the same

    Can you compare these numbers to those shown in your Fitbit app?


    Karen Stark
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  • I have this same problem with my Apple Watch. It counts Active Energy but when I set a specific workout (like cycling) it will transfer over as separate activity but with the same amount of kcals burned and number of minutes exercised.

  • Hi @Cyn,
    Shoot us a message at [email protected] with both:
    1. A screenshot of your Cronometer diary
    2. A screenshot of your fitbit diary for the same day showing conflicting values.

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  • How do I import yesterday's (the day before) steps/ activity from my Fitbit if I did not sync my Fitbit until this morning (the day after)? My cronometer log will not show my activity from Fitbit that I did yesterday. I forgot to sync my activity from Fitbit with Cronometer last night before I went to bed. I would like to capture and log the activity that I have done. Is this possible to go back and get my activity tracked from my Fitbit synced with Cronometer after the fact. I don't have any issues if I did this yesterday. Any suggestions? Thank you, Sue

  • @SuKitch navigating to the day you would like to import data in your Cronometer diary should prompt import from fitbit

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  • Hi Hilary, How? I am trying to figure that out. Sorry for not understanding. Sue_

  • Your diary will default to today, but you can choose to journal any day by using the right and left arrows on the green date icon to go ahead or back by one day at a time.

    Expand the calendar widget to select a specific day to open in your diary.

    You can easily navigate between years or months by selecting the double or single arrows at the top of the calendar.

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  • I will try in a bit. I did go back and tried to import my Fitbit data but nothing happened. I am ok if I can not figure it out today. I will just make sure I synch my Fitbit with my Crono app before bed. Thank you Hilary!

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    I have the sane phenomenon, but i think I found the answer for why it happens. It is a Fitbit feature called “active zone minutes” where you get double the minutes if you are in the fat burn/cardio/peak zone. So if i had a workout of 100 minutes, in which 500 calories were burned, out of which 50 minutes fat burn + 50minutes cardio, the fit bit will count it properly as workout 100 minutes, 500 calories, and “active zone minutes” allotted which are like bonus point (so should not be counted as extra activity minutes), of 50 fat burn and 50 cardio active minutes.

    So the Fitbit doesn’t count the minutes twice (as the active minutes are must bonus points and not actual workout minutes), and neither does it count the calories burnt in these minutes again.

    But - the cronometer upon sync - sees active zone minutes as “Real” workout minutes, and counts them again, and adds the calories of these minutes again.
    Thus the double counting, which is very misleading.

    Please correct this !!!! I have to manually erase the entry each time , and this is really bad.

    Here are the screenshots of my Fitbit and the cronometer entries showing this happen:

    Fitbit activity -701 kcal 195 minutes (active zone minutes & calories, this is the entry that shouldn’t be added upon sync)
    Workout (Fitbit) -675 kcal (85.7 minutes)
    Workout (Fitbit) -648 kcal (79.3 minutes)

    Fitbit: see the split between Zone minutes, only the general minute count (first entry) should be counted upon sync, but in reality all of the zone minutes are being added up doubling the actual activity minutes.
    The calories mentioned next to the activity are being counted once in the general activity minutes and once in the zone activity minutes.

    Complicated? Well thank god i found the culprit.

  • Same issue, still seems to be a problem. Instead of only counting my 338 cal walk + 148 cal walk, it also imports a 3rd activity for another -315 cals, totalling 801 calories for excercise - I wish!!!

  • I'm also/still seeing this same bug - jeez, you'd think they'd have it figured out by now!

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