Double import Fitbit activity

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I have my activity setting set to 'none' to avoid doubling up on the BMR calorie burn count, but I notice that all my fitbit activity is being counted twice. For example; overall 'fitbit activity' = 91 minutes which consists of 61 minutes walking and 30 minutes calisthenics, which are then also counted separately.

Is there a way to fix this double counting of activity? I tried deleting the overall activity entry but of course it reappears when the apps sync up.




  • Or maybe I'm interpreting this wrong - I see that the calorie counts don't add up so perhaps it's not counting the calories twice? Could you please confirm?

  • Hi JessicaB,

    This may be the difference between general activity measured by your Fitbit throughout the day and exercises that you tracked or were detected by your device. Though that would be a coincidence that the minutes for general activity and exercises were the same

    Can you compare these numbers to those shown in your Fitbit app?


    Karen Stark
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