Carnivory tracking

I’d like to see support for the carnivory diet on here. Either by filtering out plant foods, or including it entirely as a diet like keto.

Plus making water/hydration tracking be it’s own thing. When it comes to lchf/keto/carnivory moisture intake (not just water) is super important. So moisture from foods counts, coffee counts etc though not as effectively as water so for example coffee would have a lesser hydration amount than water of the same volume. Be nice to have a more prominent tracker as if it was a macronutrient and can set a custom daily hydration goal.


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    Hi Zaelix,

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    The water content of foods also contribute to your water target in Cronometer. Make sure you are adding foods to your diary with the most nutrition information, including water, by searching for whole foods and generic versions of your brand name products in the Common Foods tab. Most manufacturers do not include the water content of their products, as it is not required on the nutrition label.

    You can customize any and all nutrients in Cronometer, either by clicking on the target in the diary page, or from the Profile tab in the Nutritional Targets section. Tick the box to use a custom value then enter in your own values to use.

    There is a section at the top of the Nutrient Targets where you can customize any nutrients you would like to pay particular attention to:

    To choose which nutrients to highlight in this section, use the gear icon in the Nutrient Targets section. Tick the box to Show Highlighted Nutrients, then use the drop-down lists to choose which nutrients you would like to see.

    I hope you find some of these tips useful!


    Karen Stark
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