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I am a user of Cronometer and have been asked to complete a class project on the use of an app for disease prevention/management purposes. This might be a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to provide a quick quote about how Cronometer has helped you achieve your health goals? All I need is a sentence or two (more if you would like) and your first name with a last initial. Feel free to leave me questions here, and thank you so much to anyone who is willing to be involved!


  • I have lost 50 lbs using Cronometer and a Keto diet. When you input foods into the diary, you quickly see how the carbs add up. I have gradually changed from keeping a food diary to simply planning meals and menus. Then I can reuse the same meals over and over again, confident that I am staying within the guidelines I've set for myself. Knowledge is power!

  • Thank you so much for your help! My project was a success and I really appreciate your part in that!

  • Sounds like its already over, but Ill add one. I have lost 26 lbs in 6 months using Cronometer to track calories in and out. Generally I use the ELMM diet (Eat Less, Move More) but Cron has been invaluable in tracking and providing feedback on the intake side. I used Polar and Garmin fitness trackers to get feedback on the calories out side. The integration between Cron and Polar/Garmin needed some minor tweaks, but is working out really well.

  • Even bad days are good data

  • @mrsnattybulking - FANTASTIC point!

    I often find many of my clients don't log "bad" days. But in reality, these are the days that give us the most information. Also, logging challenging days helps us to see that one day or meal doesn't undo an entire week or month of health behaviours.

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    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • @Susan_RD_101 I found that logging those days when instead of 1800 calories I had 3500 really helped me to see that overall for the week I might still have a tiny deficit or not be "too much" over maintenance. It's never as bad as we think. I really struggled with throwing the baby out with the bathwater when I would "mess up" but since committing to logging even nutritionally sketchy days I have a much healthier relationship with food. This can be super helpful if you're prone to binging!

  • that is another feature that would be good. If there was a way to see a running tally of calories over a timeframe. Cron is a "daily reset" that means if I was 500 cal under yesterday and 500 over today those two cancel, but the over day still shows as over. Its calorie deficit/surplus over the long term that determines weight loss/gain, not a day or two. To see total calorie "budget" over a week or two would be cool

    Weight loss is remarkably like personal finance. If you spend (eat) more than you make (burn) you are headed in the wrong direction (if your direction is savings (weight loss))

  • Hi jamorgan3777,

    The Nutrition Report in the Trends tab gives you an overview of your average nutrition over the specified time range - this sounds like just what you are looking for!

    Click on the Trends tab, then select Nutrition Report. Choose a date range and other options, such as including today, including supplements and what types of days to include in the report: All, non-empty or completed days.

    This report will give you a better idea of your progress over time rather than showing you each day individually.


    Karen Stark
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