Calories mismatch

There is a big calory mismatch between Garmin app and Crono by meter website. All data were synchronized. Just take look at the screens.

Garmin app!AkZ_52b5bWyOgrIxDDMNcBOGekNXHw


Is it a bug?


  • Hi Panel,

    It looks like we don't have permission to view your One Drive files.

    One reason your calories may be different in Cronometer and Garmin can come from your activity level settings. If you are using a fitness tracker to record your calories burned from activities throughout the day, we recommend setting your activity level to none to avoid double-counting calories.

    Let us know if that helps!


    Karen Stark
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  • Here are updated screens. Please take a look at data mismatch - calories in Garmin app differ from calories on the website (from Daily activity Garmin item and all even Garmin items summed up)

    Updated links!AkZ_52b5bWyOgrIx3z6lXEK9OjAa6A!AkZ_52b5bWyOgrIwy_UgDo6WI_-5MQ

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    @Karen_Cronometer Any update on this? Any idea why this happens? Why Garmin app shows totally different calories burned than chronometer?

  • Hi Panel,

    Wow! Look at that step count :)

    In the Garmin screenshot - is this your total calories burned for the day? How does this compare to your total calories burned in Cronometer? Check the Calories Summary area below the diary.

    The calories imported into your Cronometer diary from Garmin is from your activity only. Cronometer uses its own calculations for BMR and your activity level (based on your chosen activity level settings).


    Karen Stark
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    Thx - I like walking ;-)

    So double calories counting seems still to be the issue:

    1. If I set Activity level to slightly active than calories burned are displayed fine, however then comes the single activities from Garmin with adds on top of that more calories.
    2. If I follow your advice and set the activity level to none then total calories count is messed up (only BMR calories are displayed and small Garmin activities that are not even close to BMR + Activity Level). This means that total calories burned in displayed incorrectly in cronometer, because it's to low (based on BMR + a bit of Garmin activity data). However, at the same time, Garmin app can show the proper value of burned calories during the day (I guess It uses BRM + activity level + "small activities data").

    It looks like to solve this you should either take total calories count from Garmin (and ignore your BMR calculation)
    use your BMR + predefined activity level and ignore Garmin "small activities".

    This is a real issue (bug) related to the fact how you process and combine data, so please ask the programmer to take a look at the raw data from mine account. Two days where you can easily spot it: 19 Jan (Calories: 4315), 02 Feb (Calories: 4245)

  • @panel I have included your info in a bug report. Thanks for your help!


    Karen Stark
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