please add an option to remove all dairy entries with 0 amount from the current day

I have a lot of placeholder entries, for items I eat often, but not necessarily every day. Each morning I copy over the previous day, and then remove all entries with 0 from the previous day, which takes a lot of work to select. Would be super useful if there was an option in the upper-right corner menu to just remove all entries with 0 amounts from the dairy.


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    Hi omegaterus,

    Thanks for the suggestion! In the meantime, you could try keeping all your zero entries in a separate diary category. When you edit the serving size of the food that you eat, also change its diary group, leaving your zero entries in a group all to themselves. Then you can select the diary group header and delete them all at once.


    Karen Stark
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    edited January 2019

    Dealing with copy day and with zeros thereen is a long long standing issue. I am happily hoping for a software implementation since many months.
    My tricks for a partial workaround:

    • I keep the standard daily list on a future date and copy it from there to the current day!
    • On that future day, I have all entries padded with -0.01.
    • When starting a new day, I use the copy day function and paste it to the current day.
    • The -0.01 entries do not at all help with deleting any unnecessary entries, but help to distinguish the two cases if a) I have eaten zero or b) I did not yet fill it in
    • As for deleting, my choice is to not delete any entries. If I would delete some entry, I could not distinguish if i) at that time I did not yet have this entry in my standard list or ii) I did not eat it that day. Looking back a year or two, this is a real issue. The issue is important because it might be that at that time, I might have counted all consumption on another food which is the same really but has a different name in crono, etc etc.

    You may be surprised why I am so careful to distinguish all these cases, but I am using Crono (very enthusiastically! :) ) for years meanwhile. And many times I tried to find out why I developed this or that health issue. Then I tried to check if I have eaten this or that suspicious food those days. I tell you really that for me, keeping the zero entries was the absolutely most useful thing to really be sure what happened back in time. (And to generally praise Crono big time: I made a huge lot of nice discoveries benefitting my health)

    But everyone should be able to proceed as it is best for them. So the solution would be software development:

    • Introduce a "no value" sign. This sign could then be for example any special character like ♬ or ✌. The role is the same like my -0.01.
    • If you want to delete these entries, there should be a command to do so
    • These entries would not infuence any stats (count as zero in food consumption, just as my -0.01)
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    edited January 2019

    PS: I would change the title of this discussion from "dairy" to "diary" :) People think that this is about milk products only! :):) And thus they might ignore this thread, because deleting milk product entries is really a nonsense :):):)

    • just wanna be helpful
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    dairy... LOL, my bad! Can't find how to edit my post.

    Anyway, don't you just always insert all what you eat, then the problem of distinguishing "not eaten" and "not filled" doesn't exist? I track everything I put in my mouth, so I don't understand why would there be any usefulness in that distinction.

    I prefer to delete zero-entries, as otherwise the daily log is unnecessarily long, and with zero-entries deleted its easier to quickly check have I eaten something that day or not by using browser search in page. I also track health issues, and checking if I've eaten something is very useful. No entry always means I haven't eaten something, I don't skip entering anything.

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    edited January 2019

    Very simple: I am not perfect :)
    ...but I am at least perfectly aware of it! :)

    (in detail: I have so often noticed that I forgot something. And so often not had time to immediately create that new custom food. I am in quite bad health honestly, but I try to still enjoy my life and in particular, enjoy food, and not always rush to measure every bite on the scales, etc.

    In sum, I make errors. But I also have these measures described above in place to make the whole system super error-safe

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    My best and simplest trick for reducing crono effort and keeping things at least a little spontaneous:
    Measure stuff like butter or olive oil only once, in the end of the day. The difference between yesterday and today I enter into crono.

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    I am curious: One thing I do not understand in your way of usage is how you deal with all the old values from last day? They are for me the biggest risk in introducing errors. This is the main reason why I use the "no value" system (copy from a future day padded with no value)

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    I have a dummy food labelled "==========" and when I wake-up I put it at the top of the day, and move it down over things as I eat things. Everything below the line has old values, above the line has correct values. Also I make it a point to always put the food in cronometer before eating it, not after, otherwise I'd never remember. If I'm eating away from the computer, I put it on a small piece of paper and add it afterwards.

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    Clever!! :)

    From your lines it looks to me like your system preassumes that you are eating things every day (largely) in the same order, could that be?

    I am always on the lookout for how others use Crono. Its really interesting how people kinda build their own tools based on Crono.

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    Usually in similar order, but when I change the order its not a problem as you can click & drag diary entries up and down, so sometimes instead of dragging the "=========" I drag a food item from below to above it.

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