is there any way to change the way measurements for foods are shown

very difficult to add a new recipe when you want to use cups, lbs, ounces, everything seems to be in grams


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    Hi froglvr,

    I would recommend searching for ingredients using the Common Foods tab. This tab searches our highest quality databases that have more serving size options and as a bonus will have much more complete nutrient information. These databases contain mainly whole food items and generic versions of brand name products.

    If you are including ingredients that do not have a weight defined, make sure to select a servings-based recipe, rather than a weight-based. You can tell if an ingredient does not have a weight associated with it by looking in the ingredients list; it will show 'unknown' in the weight column.


    Karen Stark
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    Hi @Karen_Cronometer,

    The high quality food database is great, except when the package you have in hand gives the weight in lb or oz, and the Add Food requires the weight in grams. The app could easily give an option to enter the weight in lb or oz, instead of gr.


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