Vitamin b12

Hello, I notice the DV for vitamin B12 is 2.4 mcg in Cronometer...however when I eat things like eggs or beef the input is not added...example eggs have 0.4 mcg of vitamin B12 per one egg yet they are never added..I think beef is 1.8 mcg per 3 oz, again never added ...but when I eat liver or nutritional yeast it always adds the B12...does anyone know why?


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    Hi Jlawson3,

    What is the source of the foods that you are adding to your diary? Most brand name products are limited to the nutrients listed in the nutrition facts table.

    To get more complete nutrition information, search for the closest generic equivalent in the Common Foods tab. This will limit your search results to our best databases with the most nutrition information - including B12.

    For example, Beef, Liver has 70.58 ug B12 per 100 g
    Eggs, Cooked has 1.11 ug B12 per 100 g


    Karen Stark
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    I'm tracking macronutrients, like b12, for health reasons. I choose the closest generic equivalent foods to track. However, when I click on a food, adjust weight, and add to my diary, the % amount of b12 seems to always drop to 0%. I realize there is an adjustment for my daily calorie budget, however, if a food, such as Edam cheese shows 7.3% DV, how can it drop to 0% of my DV?

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