Adding "leap days"

  1. People who travel around the globe a lot from west to east may want to be able to add leap days when they cross the Date Line (or subtract them, if going east to west). I've had this problem several times now.

  2. People who experiment with non-24-hour-day eating cycles may want to add or subtract days from a calendar month.

Obscure needs, I know. But it would be cool to be able to add or subtract extra days from a calendar month. There are other solutions, of course, such as ignoring the need to have one's current day be the calendar day. But that seems like a pain.


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    Hi BrainMDelaney,

    These are great suggestions. We implemented the ability to choose your time zone to partially address the issue of travelling to different timezones - just to allow you to keep your timezone static, rather than having to add and subtract days.

    Changing times and dates around is a tricky one, but we appreciate your feedback, these ideas would be helpful for travellers, shift workers, etc.


    Karen Stark
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