huge mess and manual re-work: "copy current day" to a wrong day! Did this happen to you, too?

edited January 2019 in Feature Requests

It is early in the morning, I am half asleep and it just happened again: I used that super handy copy current day function. But pasted to a wrong day that already had tons of data. So now I am in a "happy" mood for a long manual re-work: mark each and every wrongly copied entry individually, go again and again into the context menu, and select delete, oh and yes, confirm that I really want what I want: yes, delete. Having many dozens of entries per day, this takes long.
Certainly, I do already use the feature to mark days completed, that is, to make them no more editable. But this little nightmare still happens, because, say, the day before yesterday was not yet completely finished.
➞ Software development needed! What do you think what would be the best solution with the lowest software dev effort?
a) How handy it would be if one could delete several entries per day at once! Just mark all entries to be deleted and confirm: "do you really want to delete 60 entries?"
b) undo
c) ...?


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