am i not eating enough carbs?

I started a keto type eating plan, I was planning on eating 25g carb. I looked today and I have eaten 8g carbs but 106g protein where is says I should eat 92g protein. will this reduce my chance of weight loss?? TIA for any help/information.


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    Much of the weight loss associated with a keto diet is from reduced kcal intake (because of high satiety from fat) and loss of water from using up all stored carbohydrates. I don't think that your numbers will change your rate of weight loss, but I would encourage you to ensure that you are supplementing accordingly to meet vitamin and nutrient requirements. :)

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    @kateyd on the keto diet if you eat too much protein your glucose will go up and ketones down. This is because protein is easily converted to glucose (gluconeogenesis) by the liver. Your carbs look GREAT! Took me a lot of adjusting at first to get my carbs down. Protein is tricky because almost all sources of fat (other than straight oils, butters) also contain protein, even high fat foods like cream cheese.
    What I do is pile on the greens, add olive or avocado oil and then limit protein. Also helps to use Cronometer as you build your meal so if you go over on protein you can just take some out. For example if you add some chicken or salmon to your greens, weigh and check Cronometer for protein content. If too much, just use less of the protein (incidentally if you have a dog, she will LOVE this approach).
    Keep at it, sounds like you are very close.

    Maria H
    My story: jumpovertherattlesnake.com/

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