Disable "net" calories in favor of fixed target?

With a weight loss goal set, the daily calories adjusts based on activity and to maintain your deficit. Is there a way to instead have a fixed target at all times? I do not want to eat my burned calories back, I just want 1200 calories, for example.


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    edited February 2019

    Absolutely @oranges13

    You can change your targets to Fixed Values to keep your energy and macronutrient targets the same each day.

    In the Settings tab, under Targets, check out the Macronutrients section. Set macro targets using Fixed Values

    This will update the Macronutrient Targets section of the diary page:

    The Calories Summary in the diary page will still show you the difference between your calories consumed and burned so you can keep an eye on the calories you need for maintenance. It will also show you your budget, which includes your weight goal, if you have one set.

    You can hide the Calories Summary if this is information overload. In the Settings tab under Targets, turn of the switch beside "Show calories summary in diary"


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    thanks so much for asking this question. i've been on about those dang calories burned. lol

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