Water Tracking

I am sure this is a big topic, with a lot of emphasis on a lot of important things. I, however, would really find it helpful to be able to track my water input in a visual way.

When I look at my diary on the cronometer homepage (web) I would like to be able to find a measurement of how much Water (all types classified as water by your system) that I have track a day. If you need to make this as a different feature and not food tracking that is acceptable to me too, because water does not have calories in it and I don't specifically need to track it the current way.

Thank you, and I'm sure this is a pretty heavy topic that comes up probably quite frequently. I thank you for reading this. I would be happy to give any input on the matter if necessary.


  • Hi jenniferannelee,

    Cronometer can show you your water intake in a couple of visual ways.
    In the nutrient targets section of the diary page, you can find water under the General category. As you add foods and beverages to your diary, you can see how much these are contributing to your water target by checking out the water target bar:

    Hover your mouse over this target to see your top 10 sources of this nutrient for the day.

    You can also add water to your list of highlighted targets:

    Use the gear icon next to Suggest Foods to edit your highlighted nutrient targets.

    Is this the type of tracking your are looking for, or did you have something else in mind?


    Karen Stark
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  • Thank you so much for the reply!! I do see how to use this now and you've answered my question completely!! Thank you so much.

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