Nutritional profile of home made teas

Hi folks,

I'm curious about how to best add home made teas into cronometer. For example, I've been exerimenting with a Nettles Leaf-based tea lately, and make about 2 quarts at a time. I've created a recipe based on the weight in grams of each ingredient. Cronometer seems to find the nutrient profile of each of the ingredients just fine, but when adding a serving to my daily food intake it's also counting the macro-nutrient profile of the herbs as well. Since the herbs are steeped and then discarded, leaving only the infused liquid, I'm not actually consuming the actual herbs. However, my carb count for day takes a hit.

What's the best way of logging this sort of recipe?



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  • pllpll
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    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the response! That's kinda what I was thinking. The thing that really threw me was the carb count for all those herbs. My first thought was, is there a way to offset that carb count increase? And if so, is there a way to use an approximation for the nutrient values. I guess I could wing it and create a custom food that takes what the recipe indicates for the nutrients, then eliminate from that the macro values and maybe just assume I get at most 60-80% of the nutrient value?

    It would at least indicate in my diary that I got something extra vs. not tracking it at all.

    Thanks again!


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