Syncing activity/steps with Apple Health

Hi, new to cronometer and I'm struggling to get apple health app synced up properly. I've turned on all the necessary permissions, but my daily activity and steps are not being sent to cronometer. Other data is syncing, like my weight, but not my activity. What am I doing wrong?

If I go into the health app > Steps > Data sources & access...cronometer is not there. Pokemon Go is there! Whereas if I do the same for Weight > Data sources & access...cronometer is there.

Under the health app permissions, it says cronometer is allowed to read Active Energy, Exercise Minutes and Workouts but I can't see anything for Steps. Kinda confusing!

Sorry if this has been asked before - I searched but didn't see anything recently.


  • Hi ReubenK,

    Are you using an Apple Watch? Apple Health will only import active energy (steps) if you have an Apple Watch, it will not calculate your active energy from your phones step counter.

    We are looking into adding steps from the iPhone's step counter as a feature in the future.

    Please let us know if your workouts logged into Apple Health are not importing into Cronometer.


    Karen Stark
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  • Thanks Karen, no I don't have an apple watch. It would be useful to have the steps synced to Cromometer as well - not sure why the iphone health app can't calculate a rough energy burn from weight/age/steps etc.

  • I’m having the same problem, and I do have an Apple Watch that I use. I was getting Activity calories from Apple Health until a couple days ago and then they stopped. It was adding calories based on steps that increased my daily caloric limit.

  • My activity reading from Apple Health is now working on my Cronometer page. It seems to come and go, but is currently on, so I’m good kind of. Should anyone read this post in the next few years that knows why it comes and goes, it would be appreciated.


  • I’m having the same issue. My fitness tracker is feeding data to apple health, but Cronometer isn’t picking it up (some days). Worked yesterday, not today and has done the same a couple other times. Most of the time it reads and adds to bmr, but for whatever reason some days it won’t. Other metrics are being picked up by health though which is weird.

  • I got in touch with Apple, and the problem was traced to my Apple Watch. A reboot of the watch seems to have solved my problem.

  • @Craig

    Glad you got yours working! Im thinking mine has to do with one of the apps. I’m using an Oura ring and Strava through Health to feed crono. No problem up until the last couple weeks. Crono has also been changing settings without my input too. Still an awesome app though.

  • Good luck on finding a solution to your situation. I agree, an awesome app. I’ve been able to maintain weight while eating the right stuff.

  • I've had the same issue since the new app update. I have restated my watch and that has made no difference. If I go to settings there is a calendar icon next to the Apple Heathkit setting. Clicking on that gives you the option to back fill the heath kit data. Sometimes this works, but most of the time it does not. It is also very very slow, sometime like 4-5 minutes. All my activities used to just import instantaneously in the pervious version.

  • @jpicune which version of the app are you using? Please download the most recent version of the updated app from the app store!

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  • I'm on the latest V3.0.4 (b310-IP) It's been since upgrading to the v3 that I've had this issue, worked ask expected before.

  • Did you update the latest version 3.0.5?


  • I hadn't gotten the notification that 3.0.5 was out, but I just updated. Unfortunately, it's not been good ever time I launched the app it would just hang on the loading screen. Restarted my phone, but that didn't help.

    I deleted the app, keeping my heathkit data and then reinstalled it. It did launch, I enabled heathkit again. After having the app open for a few minutes activity did import! It still is much slower than it was before but I'm optimistic. I will keep an eye out to see if it continues to behave as expected.

    Anyway thanks for the suggestions.

  • Well now with 3.0.5, I just get a loading screen, I can't get beyond that. :(

  • Hi @jpicune when are you receiving the loading spinner? (After which action?) Please contact [email protected] with a screenshot if possible! Thanks!

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  • @Hilary It's upon launching the app. I would be more than happy to take a screen shot, but since I couldn't use the app I just uninstalled it and found an old version of the app, the one with the gold apple icon. It syncs with Health Kit just as I want! I hope the new app will get back to that same functionality eventually. Anyway thanks for your responses.

  • I am having the same issue since the update a few days ago. I have Apple Health and my steps came from some off brand fitbit type thing I got on Amazon. Worked perfectly until the new update - now---nothing and even my old data is all gone. My version says 3.0.10 (b327-IF)

  • Hello @ajwiley ,

    This will be resolved in the next update! We're waiting on Apple to approuve the update, should be available in a few days!


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  • @Marie_Eve_H This is great news. I actually woke up this morning to find the app syncing as it used to! I was so excited. It had auto updated overnight. Thanks so much for working hard on this guys. This was a big frustration for me and I'm so happy it's working again.

  • Is the app still only taking steps as activity if you have an Apple Watch? I just downloaded and started using the app today and was happy to see you could import from apple health but my steps aren’t going. Is it because I don’t have an Apple Watch?

  • There isn’t an option for cronometer to import steps from Apple Watch it would be nice if it did along with sleep as well.


  • Hello @LindsayJ @fitgirl ,

    Unfortunately, we can only import Active Energy from Apple Health, and Apple does not convert the steps from your phone's step counter into Active Energy.

    Fitbit and Withings Health Mate have their own apps that we sync with and that can convert your iPhone's steps counter into calories

    Kind regards,

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  • Hi Marie Eve

    I installed Withinings to track my steps as you suggested above but now I have two activities logged in my Diary:

    Daily Activity (Withings) - 202cal
    Walk (Withings) - 105cal

    I have zero idea what this Daily Activity is and it is messing up with my calorie balance. Any ideas?


  • Hello - it’s two years later - is there any ‘get well’ date as to when regular iPHONE Apple Health steps can be fed into Cronometer?

  • Has anything come of this? Is it possible to sync steps from Apple Health into Cronometer?

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